Current Project
A tribute to Ella Fitzgerald” is the title of Andrea Mayer’s current concert program, which she is presently performing on tour throughout Germany and Switzerland. The CD of the program “A tribute to Ella Fitzgerald” was produced in summer 2005, released in January 2006 and is available for purchase through:

Jazz4Ever Records, Order #J4E4771)
or through

Here is a brief quotation from the CD booklet:
“The great jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald fascinated me early on. Finally with this CD I am fulfilling a dream of mine – I have always wished to sing her music with my voice. This CD is an homage and a “thank-you” to Ella Fitzgerald for the inspiration she has given me and generations of other singers.” The live concerts of the Andrea Mayer Quartet are full to capacity and the audiences respond enthusiastically to the program. The listeners are captivated by the powerful, natural and warm voice of Andrea Mayer, which she is able to use flexibly and easily over her entire three octave range. Andrea Mayer “swings” with incredible agility; her phrasing and improvisation are smooth and elegant. Never does she forget the bluesy roots of jazz. She feels what she sings and the joy she exudes is contagious!
The high caliber instrumental trio of Rainer Böhm at the piano, German Klaiber on bass and Matthias Daneck on drums is impressive in its relaxed, empathic accompaniment which supports the singer perfectly. She is carried and inspired by the ensemble and able to express the full range of her vocal virtuosity. Andrea Mayer has worked for years with this group of nationally and internationally known jazz musicians.

Andrea Mayer QUARTET

The Trio

Rainer Böhm, piano
Rainer Böhm, piano Internationally acclaimed pianist.
Concerts, tours and recordings with internationally renowned jazz musicians.
  • Concerts with Ingrid Jensen, Jeff Boudreaux, Albert Mangelsdorff, Ralf Köhn, Adrian Mears, Tony Lakatos, Jürgen Seefelder, Claire Martin, Johannes Enders, Thomas Stabenow, Bergische Sinfoniker, Paul Heller, Hans Decker, Dominick Landolf, among others
  • Numerous CD productions with Dave Liebmann, Ingrid Jensen, Jürgen Seefelder, Johannes Enders, Tony Lakatos, Dejan Terzic, Alberto Menendez, Thomas Stabenow, Axel Schosser, Sebastion Merk, Thomas Siffling Quartett, Bundes Jazz Orchester, “L 14, 16”, Changes, Fritz Münzer Tentett, Böhm-Halle-Sell Trio, among others
  • Winner of international jazz competitions: Montreux; Jazz prize of the “Nürnberger Nachrichten” 2002; “Jazz Hoeilaart International Belgium” – prize for best soloist and for ensemble, 1st prize with the band “L 14, 16”; in Getxo (Spain) prize for the best soloist and 1st prize for ensemble, among others
  • As of summer 2005, teaching contract for Jazz Piano at the Music University in Mainz, Germany
  • As of winter 2005/2006, teaching contract for Jazz Piano at the Music University in Mannheim, Germany

German Klaiber, bass
Internationally acclaimed double bass player:
concerts, tours and recordings with internationally renowned jazz musicians such as:
  • Herb Ellis, Franco Ambrosetti, Peter Herbolzheimer, Jiggs Whigham, Ack van Rooyen, Ernie Watts, Jeff Clayton, John Ruocco, Giani Basso, Bobby Shaw, Ron Williams, Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Wolfgang Hafner among others.
  • Numerous recordings with internationally known jazz musicians
  • Numerous national and international tours
  • Teaching contracts

Matthias Daneck, drums
Internationally acclaimed drummer:
concerts, tours and recordings with internationally renowned jazz musicians such as:
  • Clarke Terry, Randy Brecker, Jerry Gonzales, Jimmy Woode, Reggie Johnson, Bireli Lagrene, Zipflo Reinhard, Jeff Richman, Arturo Sandoval, Bobby Shew, Annie Whitehead, Matt Smith, Wolfgang Engstfeld, Ingrid Jensen, Adrian Mears, Eric van Lier, Carla Cook, Joe Haider, Andy Scherer, Chuck Isreals, Mike Sim, Bill Nelson, Tony Lakatos, Roby Lakatos, Jürgen Seefelder, Claus Stätter, Heiri Künzig, Peter Frei, Dizzy Krisch, Gary Barone, John Stowell, Torita Quick, Yvonne Moore among others.
  • Numerous recordings
  • TV, radio and studio recordings in Germany and Switzerland (ARD, SWR, SWF, BR, SDR, SR, DRS among others)
  • Africa Tour (Tanzania, Madagaskar), Croatia Tour, Bulgaria Tour among others
  • Teaching contracts